October Glory

Planted Price (per tree): 1 tree–$200 | 2 trees–$175 | 3 or more trees–$150

Red maple is one of the most popular shade trees in the eastern U.S. It is also a major component of the native habitat throughout its region. From red flowers to its beautiful bark, red maple offers a variety of interests for the landscape in all seasons of the year.

Botanical Information
Native habitat: Newfoundland south to Florida, west to Minnesota, Oklahoma and Texas.
Growth habit: Red maple often has an irregular, rounded crown but its habit is quite variable.
Tree size: This medium- to fast-growing species may reach 40 to 60 feet in height, and up to 120 feet in the wild. Spread tends to be less than or equal to height.
Flower and fruit: Clusters of small red flowers bloom in March and April. Reddish, winged fruit called samaras or “keys” become brown and mature in May and June.
Leaf: Three- or five-lobed leaves unfold reddish and become green (underside lighter, with hairs) while leafstalks remain red. Fall color is variable from yellow through red. Use named cultivars for more brilliant fall color.
Hardiness: Winter hardy to USDA Zone 3b.