Our goal is to work with you to create a unique, visually appealing landscape design for your pleasure, use, and increased property value. Landscape Services experience includes skills in planting design, hardscape design, master planning, and the design of architectural elements and outdoor structures. 


Residential Landscape Design

Those skills enable us to provide you with landscape design ideas and layouts that are carefully and efficiently planned, installed and maintained. If you are looking for landscape designers near you with landscaping ideas for your front yard, side yard, or backyard for small spaces or large spaces. Give Lisa or David a call or text today!
We can also create eye-catching commercial landscapes, or enhance the grounds of businesses, institutions, hospitals, and schools.

Commercial Landscape Design

From large corporate properties to small businesses, we make sure your customers’ first impression is a good one. Our landscapers create gorgeous landscapes with an attention to detail that accentuates professionalism in your commercial space.
Commercial landscaping design at Lovers Lane Tree Farm is a unique and fresh blend of your vision and our landscaping ideas in context to its surroundings – the architecture, the community and the environment. We proudly serve commercial companies throughout Bowling Green, Franklin and Glasgow up to a hundred miles radius including Elizabethtown, Hopkinsville and Owensboro. Even Nashville, Tennessee.

How does the landscape design process work?



First, you will meet with our landscape designer in person to walk your site with you. What is your vision? How can we help you achieve it? We will work with you to determine your project scope and budget.  Will your project just require a simple solution or a more thoughtful, detailed design? We want to make sure you have the quality outcome you desire.


If your project requires a design, we then measure your site, study existing conditions, and identify constraints. Site drainage and stormwater management issues can be creatively resolved. We then produce concepts for your review. At this point, we will provide a preliminary estimate. If involved in the early stages of a project with your building contractor, architect, or engineer, we can be particularly useful in determining the best siting of buildings and the location of parking and driveways.


Based on your review and feedback on the preliminary concept and cost estimate, we make amendments and refine the design. If your project requires built structures, such as steps, a deck, pergola, or outdoor kitchen, we provide sketch drawings for your approval. Our design software enables us to provide you with detailed 2D and 3D landscape designs. Your personalized plan can include yards, gardens, swimming pools, ponds, decks, fences, patios, fire pits, hardscapes, retaining walls, paver sidewalks, driveways, landscape lighting and lawn irrigation systems.


After the final design has been agreed upon, we provide you with a detailed description of work to be completed, an itemized list of materials, plus final costings for your review and approval.  Often a project can be broken down into phases to work within your budget, and additional elements can be installed over time.

Lovers Lane Tree Farms Landscape Services include:

Master Landscape Design Planning

▪ Landscape Planting design
▪ Landscape Hardscape design
▪ Landscape Lighting design
▪ Lawn Irrigation System design
▪ Waterscape design

Why choose Lovers Lane Tree Farm for your landscape design?

▪ Our plans are sustainable
▪ We understand planting
▪ We use our artistic skills to create design plans reflecting our client’s vision
▪ We add value to your home
▪ We help our clients reach their landscape design goals