Planted Price (per tree): 1 tree–$200 | 2 trees–$175 | 3 or more trees–$150

A columnar form that remains upright and tight year after year without pruning. Lustrous dark green leaves have rusty undersides. White, cup-shaped fragrant flowers. Valuable for smaller spaces in urban and suburban landscapes. Evergreen. Great for use as a large hedge or screen, as a specimen plant, or an accent tree.

Botanical Information
Mature Height: 15-20 Feet
Mature Width: 8-10 Feet
Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
Form/Shape: Upright, dense, columnar
Drought Tolerance: Moderate to High
Flower/Fruit: Fragrant white flowers are 6-8″ wide; blooms May to June; small, hard, woody cone with rose-red berries
Soil: Well-drained, moist, fertile, humus rich soil that is well limed; tolerant of slightly acidic soil
Foliage: Alternate, simple, ovate to elliptical; glossy, dark green leaves with light brown underside
Light: Full sun produces best growth and flower; tolerates partial shade
Pruning: Before new growth in Spring to maintain size
Uses: Lawn tree, specimen, buffer or screen, parking lot median

Hardiness Zones: 6-10