Planted Price (per tree): 1 tree–$200 | 2 trees–$175 | 3 or more trees–$150

Pin oak is probably used more than any other native oak in the landscape. It has an interesting growth habit, with pendulous lower branches, horizontal middle branches, and upright upper branches. Its glossy green summer foliage changes to russet, red or bronze in fall.

Botanical Information
Native habitat: Massachusetts to Delaware, west to Wisconsin and Arkansas.
Growth habit: Strongly pyramidal, becoming oval-pyramidal with age.
Tree size: 60 to 70 feet tall with a 25- to 40-foot spread. Pin oak can reach a height of more than 100 feet.
Flower and fruit: Flowers are brown and not showy. Fruit is a nut, half an inch long and wide, light brown, enclosed at the base in a thin cap.
Leaf: Alternate, simple, 3 to 6 inches long, with five to seven lobes and u-shaped sinuses. Leaves are glossy dark green in summer, becoming russet, bronze or red in fall. Some leaves persist into winter.
Hardiness: Winter hardy to USDA Zone 4