Swamp White

Planted Price (per tree): 1 tree–$200 | 2 trees–$175 | 3 or more trees–$150

Quercus alba, one of the most majestic of all grand oaks, is prominent throughout the eastern deciduous forest. In spring, its unfurling leaves are rose-colored and mature into a dark green. This oak has fine fall color and its leaves persist into winter. It draws its name from its ash-colored bark.

Botanical Information
Native habitat: Central and eastern North America; Kentucky native.
Growth habit: White oak has a characteristic huge, wide-spreading crown.
Tree size: Can attain a height of 50 to 80 feet with a similar width. In the wild, it can reach a height of more than 100 feet.
Flower and fruit: Female flowers are inconspicuous; male catkins are pendulous. The 1-inch-long acorn has the top one-fourth covered by a scaly cap.
Leaf: green to blue-green above and pale below, the large leaves are deeply lobed and have a tapered base. Fall color ranges from brown to rich red.
Hardiness: Winter hardy to USDA Zone 3b.